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Why the US SHould turn Russia into its new bff

By Berit Anderson

If you believed everything you read in the news, you might think that the US's relationship with Russia had become irreparable. 

After all, Putin successfully helped elect a man to the US presidency who is widely suspected of being a Russian agent. And, regardless of his asset status, that man did more to undermine US standing and democracy internationally than any other US president in history. 

What's more, during his presidency, Russia successfully infiltrated nearly every US government agency and most of the Fortune 500. Combined with Trump's rhetoric, Russian information warfare completely undermined Americans' trust in one another and in the legitimacy of their own government, a pattern that Russia has worked to spread across Europe with equal gusto. 

So you would be excused for believing that the US would be best served by focusing on punitive measures at this time.

However, you would also be missing a massive opportunity. There has never been a more strategic time for the US and Russia to transform their relationship.

Recruiting Russia as the US's new BFF would confuse most of the world. And it would be the ultimate diplomatic power play in the global struggle against the Chinese Communist Party's authoritarian expansionism, human rights abuses, and global economic warfare. 


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