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By Berit Anderson

Future in Review has never been a "normal" conference, and this year is no different. We've created the most impressive - and most essential - lineup of business, intelligence, and tech leaders solving global challenges you'll find anywhere on Earth.

Due to the breadth of our work, we've sometimes struggled with how to describe FiRe to potential attendees, members, partners, and beyond. 

Usually, we wind up with some combination of the following: 

  • Q: What is Future in Review? 
  • A: So, it's a conference about the future of technology and the global economy, but it's also where you go to meet the world's best documentary filmmakers and most brilliant physicists. Or sometimes it's about translating dog communication and making diagnostic use of their ability to positively identify specific diseases. Or how Eastern Europeans make political decisions as described by the Ukrainian ambassador to the US. Or what diet you should adopt for optimal health based on the most cutting-edge research on the microbiome and circadian rhythms.

  • Q: How is it different from other tech conferences? 
  • A: For one thing, we actually go out of our way to help you meet our speakers. They will become your business partners, friends, and collaborators. The point of FiRe isn't just to sit around and talk. We actually get things done. A lot of things. Like spin out companies from conference sessions and develop solutions to global challenges and brief global intelligence agencies to drive policy change.

  • Q: Can I pay to put my mid-level marketing person on stage? 
  • A: Yeah, umm, no, we don't allow PR fluff on stage. Only people and ideas that we find truly innovative or insightful and compelling. 

  • Q: All of your last names are Anderson? Are you all related? 
  • A: Yes. Well, not all. But most. (Mark, founder & CEO; Berit, COO; Evan, director of FiReHQ & FiReStarter Programs and CEO, INVNT/IP; Sally, editor-in-chief and FiReFilms managing director; Sharon, CEO of FiReFilms and former director of Programs.) Our dinner conversations are interesting, to say the least.

This might not be so evident to any Succession fans out there, but there are significant benefits to being part of a family company: for example, shared values of innovation, action, freedom of speech, and creativity. A commitment to moral and intellectual integrity. 

And unlike most media sources out there, none of us worries that we'll get fired for saying or writing what we believe to be true. 

In fact, it's our only mandate.

That matters, especially now.

The world has never been more exposed to the impacts of climate crisis, global pandemic, and a rising global authoritarian tide. 

The FiRe agenda reflects these priorities. 

It's a tide driven by cyber, information, and economic warfare, but which threatens to come to physical blows as Russia breathes down Ukraine's neck and Central Asia has just suffered a massive grid outage originating in Kazakhstan, electrical gateway to Russia. 

Germany's new chancellor, poised between Russia and the US/NATO alliance, has proven frightfully unwilling to stand up to Russian aggression despite Germany's Green Party having taken a hard stance in that direction. The supply of gas, it turns out, is a compelling political backbone for Olaf Scholz. 

At Future in Review:

  • We'll unveil the work we've been doing with energy leaders across the ecosystem to help transition to a 100% renewable and secure grid.

  • Advisory Board member Jody Westby, CEO of Global Cyber Risk, will lead a discussion featuring the Department of Justice, about the role of cryptocurrency in cybercrime.

  • Steven Sokol, president of the American Council on Germany, will talk with German political leaders about Nord Stream 2 and the future of German politics. 

And what will drive the technological backbone of all this? 

The world's most advanced AI and pattern recognition engines. Which is why we're partnering this year with Pattern Computer Inc., a company literally born onstage at Future in Review and now valued at more than $1B due to its pioneering advances in medical diagnostics & treatments and business efficiencies made possible by its world-changing Pattern Discovery Engine¯.

Pattern Computer will be hosting a full day of workshops and conversations focused on the bleeding edge of artificial intelligence, with Mark Anderson (CEO of both Pattern & SNS) leading a workshop for all attendees focused on how to use pattern recognition to drive innovation at your firm. 

And for all you investors out there, we've recruited a lineup of startups with mind-blowing technologies to change the world for the better through AI, AR & VR, energy storage and transmission, medical diagnostics, robotics, encryption, and beyond. 

Who else will you find at Future in Review this year? 

  • Science-fiction greats Kim Stanley Robinson and David Brin will be talking about how to create a real-life Ministry for the Future - an idea we're percolating as a possible Future in Review spin-off. 

  • Carver Mead, who invented neuromorphic computing, will discuss how biology influences his approach to chip design and what to expect around the future of chips. 

  • Dahlia Kirschbaum, who heads NASA's satellite monitoring of global water levels, will help you understand the future of global water supply, including drought and at-risk areas. 

  • J. Craig Venter, who was the first to sequence the human genome, will talk about his most recent efforts to sequence the Earth's microbiome and what that means for our collective understanding of how the planet functions. 

  • Angela Sheffield, who directs the National Nuclear Security Administration's efforts to develop next-gen AI methods and technologies, will discuss her team's work to detect early indicators of illicit nuclear weapons development and reveal insights about the sophistication of existing nuclear weapons programs pursued by other nations.

  • Washington Post columnist Josh Rogin, who has been as brave as anyone we know in reporting aggressively on the rise of Chinese authoritarianism and IP theft, will be talking with INVNT/IP CEO Evan Anderson about what steps companies and countries should be taking to disengage from China.     

  • Rajeev Singh, who founded Concur at age 23 and is now CEO of Accolade, will discuss the future of healthcare and how software is redefining the provider / patient relationship.   

  • Mario Juric, head of the University of Washington's DiRAC Institute, will talk about his work to identify and deter asteroids - a threat that may particularly fascinate those of you who have watched Don't Look Up. (The salient difference being that, rather than an allegory, an Earth-destroying asteroid is actually the burden of responsibility for which Mario is responsible every day.)

  • Scenario-planning legend Peter Schwartz, who founded the Global Business Network and is now senior VP of Strategic Planning at Salesforce, will share his vision of the future. 

And there are many more (see full agenda below).

You need to hear from these people. You need to meet these people. You need to work with these people. And the only place you'll find this variety and caliber of innovators is at Future in Review. 

Let's Get Interactive

Don't be fooled by the fact that this year's conference is a virtual event. This will not be a week of humdrum, heads-on-screen webinars.

We're baking in high-impact networking events for you to meet speakers and attendees in a serious but playful setting, the chance to ask questions of every speaker after their session, and a series of workshops with members of the SNS team to help you leverage our secret sauce in your own career. 

If your personal or business success depends on understanding the future of technology and the global economy, you must attend. Full stop. 

It's worth repeating: This is a community of doers. We don't just think about things or talk about them. We get them done. 

And there's no one that embodies this more than you, our members. 

We're just getting started on our bigger journey of building the world we want to live in. We hope you'll join us as we kick things off at this year's Future in Review. 


Your comments are always welcome.


Berit Anderson

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Rajeev Singh | CEO, Accolade, and Co-Founder, Concur

Member Type: Creator
Member #: 16064

Rajeev Singh is the CEO of Accolade, the leading technology-enabled consumer healthcare engagement services company for large employers, payers, and provider organizations. Prior to Accolade, he co-founded Concur (1993), a Seattle-based software-as-a-service travel and expense management firm. Concur is the eighth-largest SaaS company in the world.

In his 20-year tenure with Concur, Rajeev worked in nearly every role in the business, culminating in his final role as president, COO, and board director for the last nine years. During that time, Concur grew from $60mm in revenues to over $800mm in revenues before being acquired by SAP AG for $8.3 billion in 2014.

Rajeev graduated from Western Michigan University with a BSE. Today, he serves on the board of Avalara, a top provider of cloud-based tax compliance automation for businesses; Apptio, a SaaS technology business management solutions provider; Amperity, the world's only intelligent customer data platform; and Seattle Children's Hospital Foundation, a not-for-profit corporation that raises funds to help every child live the healthiest and most fulfilling life possible.

SNS Connection: At FiRe 2022, on March 1 at 2pm PT, Rajeev will be discussing how the digitization of healthcare is revolutionizing the way we connect patients and care providers, how the patient experience is evolving, and where it goes next, with fellow speakers Mike McSherry and Sara Vaezy and host Bill McAleer, managing director, Voyager Capital.

See recent articles about Rajeev and Accolade on LinkedIn:

Listen to an interview with Rajeev on "Resilience and the Expectation of Leaders" (5/10/21)







* On January 28, 2022, Mark will be keynoting the Technology Alliance Group's (TAG) annual SNS Predictions event in Bellingham, WA. Tickets are available here. * On February 28-March 4, he will be hosting FiRe 2022. Registration is open here. The agenda and speakers are now posted here; look for updates in your Inbox and on our Facebook pages here and here, LinkedIn, Twitter, and of course, your members-only social platform, FiRe-HQ.




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