By Mark Anderson

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Last week, Evan Anderson, in our SNS Viral Economy: INFLATED, did a much better job than I will be doing this week of providing what might be termed the "classical" economic causes and effects surrounding the current "global inflation pandemic" (like that term?).

This week, I am going to suggest additional factors behind global inflation that are not as obvious, or as classical, but which may be playing key roles. And now, let's begin with the phrase that all trained economists and Street watchers alike hate most:

It's different this time.

That phrase is a bit more palatable when spiced with one of our recent SNS mantras: If you are not including the China effects in your economic predictions, you should stop predicting.

And you don't have to trust us to believe this: China is different this time.

Specifically, the economic model of the China of Deng is not that of the China of Hu, which is also not that of the China of Xi. And - a bit of an ancillary thought - don't forget that Xi has wiped out all of the family players' roles of Deng and Hu, often including the players themselves.


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